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We create signage & display systems using quality plastic materials. Our experience and professionalism mean that you’ll get the job done on time, on budget.

Our trade signage services include:

  • Perspex and aluminium signage

  • Lightbox fabrication

  • Novacase and Novaslim sign boxes - with or without electrics

  • Composite trays with push through

  • Off-the-shelf signage solutions for today’s fast-paced sign environment

  • Tube trough light - with or without electrics

  • Laser cutting technology

Precision Plastic specialise in chemical and liquid drip trays for a range of different processes and environments. All the drip trays are manufactured to clients sizes and available with a range of accessories including flanges and handles.

Download our Drip Tray brochure for more details.

Our thermoplastic kiosks are built to customer specification’s. Made from Thermoplastic shell, it comes standard with stainless steel hinges, aluminium side vents and barrel lock on a double door.

Designed primarily for installing chemical dosing pumps they can be used for many applications within the water, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food industry. Made as a stand alone unit smaller sizes are available to be located on the top of Silotank Minitank Bund’s.

Download our Chemical Kiosk & Chemical Fill Station brochures for more details.

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