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Custom laser engraving is an excellent way to make your mark on a product and impress customers. Laser engraving is extremely versatile and can be used on almost any material, including wood, ceramics, organic materials, and precious metals. It allows the user precise, computer-based control and is perfect for custom engraving.


Unlike traditional engraving techniques, laser engraving requires no direct contact between the engraving tool and the work surface.

Because there is no direct contact with components, the engraving equipment is spared a great deal of wear and tear.

The engraving itself is made through melt displacement and evaporation.


Precision Plastics NI have 600mm x 600mm Laser Etching Machine.

Manufacturing and industrial applications

Manufacturing: meeting the needs of industrial applications is at the heart of our job

Precision Plastics solutions offer finished products by using raw materials, no matter what industry you're in 

The two stages of cutting and engraving are incorporated into our production capabilities.

Our applications can be used for engraving and machining, POS & signs, laser cutting and engraving on wood, education and fablabs, marking on parts and metal engraving.

Laser engraving is as simple as printing. The first step is to create the layout for the engraving in your preferred graphics program (eg. CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Illustrator, etc.). Then send the graphic to the laser using the printer driver. At the push of a button, your material is laser engraved or laser cut using the stored settings. If required, you can use advanced settings which can be set in the provided JobControl® laser software. Process types stored in the printer driver make your everyday workload easier by automatically optimising the graphically required processes.

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