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Innovative Feature

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Precision Plastics NEW plastic pipe welder has been installed

NEW plastic pipe welding machine

The company have invested in a new Welding Clean Room and the installation of the latest SP 110-S V3 IR Welding machine which is suitable for welding between OD 20mm (1/2“) and OD 110mm (4“). The weldable materials include PE 100-RC, PP-H, PP-R, PP-Pure, Polypure, PVDF, PVDF-UHP, ECTFE, PFA and Poly-Flo in PE and PP. Based on AGRU´s long standing welding experience, welding parameters for each material are defined and pre-programmed on the machine.

The installation of the new SP 110-S V3 is the perfect welding machine for the following fields of application:

Semiconductor industryIndustrial applicationsChemicals industryHospitals and laboratoriesFood and beverage industryDairy industryPharmaceutical industry

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